In the language of the Winnebago Indian,
Ishnala means “By Itself Alone”

Symbolized by the point of rock extending into the peaceful water of Mirror Lake. Long before the arrival of the first settlers, Ishnala was a ceremonial ground for the Winnebago Indians.

Pioneer settlers purchased Ishnala from the Winnebago tribe in 1826 and a log cabin trading post was constructed. In 1909, the Coleman family purchased the cabin and built their dream home. The original stone fireplace, log walls and staircase still remain as part of the restaurant’s architecture.

In 1973, Ishnala’s current owner, Robert Prosser, began working as a busboy for the Hoffman Brothers’ 8 restaurants, and over many years, he worked his way up to work directly with the Hoffman’s in the management of their restaurants which included Ishnala. Robert considers it a great honor and privilege to continue the outstanding tradition that that began in 1953.
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