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Entrees – Seafood

All dinners include our chefs tossed salad, and your choice of baked Idaho potato, au gratin or french fries and fresh baked bread.

Sensational Seafood

Butterflied Prawns
A hearty portion of our famous shrimp butterflied and broiled in the shell, served with drawn butter.
Golden Fried Shrimp
Jumbo gulf shrimp batter fried, served with Hoffman House cocktail sauce and fresh lemon.
North Atlantic Salmon
A fresh hand cut North Atlantic salmon filet, broiled and topped with lemon butter.
Shrimp de Jonghe
Jumbo shrimp baked with white wine and lemon, topped with garlic butter breadcrumbs
Sea Scallops
Jumbo sweet scallops broiled and served with drawn buter and fresh lemon.
Twin Lobster Tails
Two 5-6 oz cold water lobster tails from Nova Scotia broiled to perfection served with drawn butter and fresh lemon
Fisherman’s Platter
For those who love seafood, we have created a platter to include broiled lobster,sea scallops, gulf shrimp and salmon.